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Hi and welcome to my site. I'm Mel Williams and this is where I get to show you the art I make. I've been painting crazy curlews, cheeky frogs, sunlit frangipanis and kapok flowers on Magnetic Island for about 4 years now (...give or take a year for a pacific surfing-sailing adventure anyway) and am inspired by the vibrancy of mother natures palette. Have a look at my colourful pieces and let me know if you see something you like. I love what I do and that people have my happy creations on their walls. I hope these pictures make you smile. Thanks for looking,



This little man arrived Dec 7 2008 and is an absolute delight for his besotted parents!


Have a look at the new Christmas cards in the "Greeting Cards" section of the menu, due to arrive from the printers next week. Special price until Christmas: $30 for variety pack of 10 cards including freight. (My greeting cards usually retail at $4.50 each).

And while you're here, why not check out the "For sale" section for an original Christmas gift? With only one week to go until the birth of our baby boy, I'm fat, hot and hormonal so you might just get a bargain price...?! 



Finally! After way too many computer hours and a lot of patience from my friends at 3E, it seems my new website is up and running at last. I think it's pretty cool so far, but please let me know via the contact link if you have any problems or can suggest changes. Thanks for looking!!  Mel